Monday, May 5, 2014

An Introduction.

My mind goes in circles every time I open this blog to start a new post.  Should I start with the birth story?  The facts (and fiction) of pregnancy and labor?  Or perhaps something a little less dramatic for a first blog back after a 3 month hiatus.  Like a how-to on one of the many craft projects I've recently done?  It's at this point I tend to glance over at my daughter for some inspiration.  MY.  DAUGHTER.  The magnitude of those words still surprises me.  Then I close my computer and think to myself, it can wait.  The blog and everything else can just wait until the next nap, the next day, or next week.  So while everyone else in my family is sleeping on this Sunday night, I am finally taking a few minutes to myself to write.  My mind is still going in circles, but I look at her again and suddenly realize what should be written first.  How obvious.  An introduction.

Miss Adelyn Kate came to us at 01:28 am on April 16, 2014 after 11 hours of active, natural labor.  She was just a little peanut (which has also become her nickname) weighing in at 6.03 pounds.  She was 19.25 inches long and had arms and legs for miles.

Her first name does not have some grand story I'm sorry to say.  In fact, it was chosen off of a random list Jesse found online about five days before she was born.  For the first 8 months, we were positive her first name would start with an H.  Possibly Harper or Halle.  I was really into the alliteration thing.    But Adelyn clicked instantly with us and even though we said we would decide 100% on the name once we saw her, I think at that moment we both knew what it was going to be.  

We had decided on a middle name fairly early on in the pregnancy.  Ayumi.  See that?  See how I'm keeping you on your toes?!  We wanted to use a Japanese middle name to honor the place where we met, got married, and where Adelyn was conceived.  Ayumi is the name of a wonderfully sweet, kind, funny, and caring friend that I had in Okinawa.  She was a huge part of making my last year there one of the best of my life, so once we decided to use a Japanese name hers came up immediately.  We didn't decide to change Adelyn's middle name until after she was born and we were still in the delivery room waiting to be moved.  I've loved the name Kate for as long as I can remember, and Kate was also Jesse's mother's name.  I mentioned using Kate as a middle name once or twice throughout the pregnancy and each time Jesse said no, let's stick with Japanese.  Because it would be using a name from his side of the family, I didm't push the issue when it seemed like he didn't like it or wasn't comfortable with it.  Post-delivery, Kate randomly popped in my head again but I didn't bring it up.  We had decided on Ayumi and I was completely happy with it.  But then Jesse, reading my mind, said "I know we decided a long time ago, but what do you think about Kate for a middle name?"  I told him how I had just been thinking about the same thing, and thus, it was decided.          
Little Addy did have a few issues at the hospital but overcame them like a champ and we were both released after 48 hours.  We realized very quickly we had been blessed with a great baby.  She cries when she needs food or a new diaper and that's about it.  Multiple people have commented on how calm and alert she is, including her nurses and the pediatrician.  I was so proud of her hearing that compliment from "the baby people" and so filled with gratitude that Jesse and I are her parents.  We've got a keeper ladies and gents.

So now here we are almost three weeks later.  Things are still going as smoothly as possible and we're still kind of thinking the other shoe will drop at some point.  I always hear these nightmare-ish stories of the newborns coming home from the hospital and the mom not showering or eating for 10 days, the baby getting colic or some insane dietary issues, and the dad not helping because he doesn't know what to do.  I'm thankful to say we have none of those problems and I'm growing more and more confident that they aren't going to come up. 

All in all, we're still early into this parenting thing, but I think we're getting the hang of it.  As I've promised so many times before, I plan to update this blog more regularly.  There's so much to write about now, I really have no excuse.  Until next time, friends.  


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